Holocaust Studies

I became interested in studying the Jewish Holocaust of World War II while taking a history course at college called "The History of 'The Final Solution'". During the semester, we studied not only the facts related to the genocide in Germany and German occupied territories, but also studied how other nations were involved or reacted to the Holocaust. We were required to write two main papers, one detailing a concentration camp, listing the types of people imprisoned there, the make-up of the staff and guards, how many people died, etc. The second paper looked into the specific actions/reactions of a single country in terms of the Holocaust.

Studying the Holocaust has become a passion for me, and I think it is important, especially now that fewer and fewer survivors are around to tell the world what they went through. Also, with recent events in Bosnia, and past events in Cambodia and Africa, its important to realize that the Holocaust was not an isolated incident. Genocide needs to be stopped, wherever it occurs.

The following links give more detailed information on holocaust information and resources:

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