My interests include:

blue bullet Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Smart, Fun, and a little bit scary. This Fox show airs on the Warner Brothers Network, and sets a new standard for television entertainment. Check out the "Official Buffy Web Site".

blue bullet Wine
When I'm not drinking it, I'm collecting it. I got more involved with wine since moving closer to the California Wine Region. I helped develop one of the first web sites for wineries, The site name was sold back in 1997, and they then started running under the name (Which now also appears to be defunct.) While on the subject of Wine though, you should check out WineX. It's a magazine run by a friend I met while working on It's geared towards the Gen-X wine drinker, and has some great edgy articles.

Lately my interests in wine have been more personal, I've started a nearly monthly tasting group with some friends, and hold formal (and informal) tastings with other friends a few times a year. At work, I was the official "Wine and Cheese" sponsor for two years, hosting wine and cheese parties every Friday afternoon. I don't do them nearly as often anymore (too much work), but occassionally I'll get a few bottles of decent vino and throw a party.

Finally, through work at 415 I've kept a bit of a tab on what's going on the wine industry. We currently have five wineries that we've designed (or are designing) web sites for, including Robert Mondavi, BV, and Jordan.

blue bullet Photography
Although I'm only an avid amateur, I enjoy photography a great deal. Most of my work has been travel photography. I have a special interest in photographing graveyards and headstones. For examples of my work, please check my Photo Gallery.

blue bullet Scotland
Although I am a typical American mixture of several different cultural backgrounds, our Family name comes from Scotland and is associated with clan Keith.

blue bullet Holocaust
During my junior year at Pomona college, I took one of the most amazing courses I could ever imagine. It was called, "History of the Final Solution", and it changed my life in many ways. I am part of the "Circle of Life" donors at the United States Holocaust Memorial in Washington D.C. and have also contributed to the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, CA. I've also got an entire section of my web site dedicated to The Holocaust.

blue bullet History
I'm also interested in the general history of World War II and of ancient England and Scotland. Lately I've been reading more about Joan of Arc.

blue bullet Programming
Hey, it's what I do for a living...well sort of. I'm currently working at my dream job, "Director of Technology" for 415 Productions, an awesome Web design firm located just down the street in San Francisco. Since joining 415 in the summer of 1999, I've had the pleasure of seeing some great web sites developed. Some of my favorites are:

I was recently interviewed for an article on "The War for Talent" (by Liz Simpson).

In the past I have helped co-found of a Navigation software company, Kivera, Inc. (formerly Collier Software, Inc.). We helped develop the Navigation databases used in the LEXUS automobile. Kivera is currently building the next generation of dynamic routing and mapping software for the wireless web.

Before that, I was a consultant who worked for AT&T (Arkansas State Driver's License system), Hughes Aircraft (Financial application), The Daily Journal (developed tool to automate weekly publication of jury verdicts in newspaper), and VISA (prototyped web based application for merchant services).

I've was also involved in two other start-ups, "The Grapevine" by Valuenet, Inc. and "Thinksheet", and worked for Hughes Aircraft for 5 years.

blue bullet Movies
What's not to like about movies? I mostly enjoy modern foreign or sci-fi movies, but am starting to watch more classic movies. For a great site listing movies across the country, check out Movie Link

blue bullet Aikido
I'm still a beginner, but the philosophy and physical movement of Aikido is wonderful, and when I'm able to, I enjoy working out a the local dojo Heart of the Mission Aikido.

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