Ancient Keith Tartan

Motto: Veritas Vincit - Truth Conquers
Place Name: Banffshire

Dunnottar Castle

Clan Keith is one of the oldest and most illustrious of the many Scottish clans. It played a prominent part in the history of Scotland for more that 5 centuries.

After the fall of Edinburgh Castle during the 1600's, the Scottish Regalia - Crown, Sceptre and Sword - were moved to one of the Keith's castles, Dunnottar near the city of Stonehaven in Northeast Scotland. Under siege by the British for several months, and running low on provisions, the governor, Mr. George Ogilvie worried about the regalia falling into the besieger's hands. He devised a plan where the regalia would be smuggled out by a visiting noble woman, Mrs. Grainger, wife of Rev. Mr Grainger. Having received permission to visit the wife of the governor, Mrs. Grainger hid the crown in her lap, and the sceptre and sword, wrapped in a bundle was carried out by her attendant. The plan worked, and the treasures were stored safely for eight years under the floor of her husbands church in Kinneff.

Falcon The Falconer's are one of the many names associated with Clan Keith. The name is derived from the office of 'falconer', a breeder or tamer of falcons for sport.

Clan Keith Society, USA is the official organization of Clan Keith in the United States.

Interested parties should contact Clan Keith Society, USA, for a brochure and membership application at:

William Keith
311 Wood Street
Water Valley, MS 38965-2606
or email Clan Keith Society Secretary

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